Release & Preorder

On friday, June 24th 2016 our new release „Tales Of Woe – Part II“ will come to life. You can already preorder it from now on via our shop.

Cover artwork „Tales Of Woe – Part II“

Behold!!! The cover artwork of „TALES OF WOE – THE JOURNEY OF ODYSSEUS – PART II: FROM HADES TO ITHACA“ Painting by Johann Heinrich Füssli called „Odysseus between Skylla and Charybdis“ (1794/96). More concerning release and also some tunes to listen to in the next days. Crew, stay...

New shirts & new shop

We created NEW SHIRTS and also a brand NEW SHOP. Due to those facts we made special introduction offers on all of our shirts! Those offers will expire on friday, october 30th 2015. So check it out (you will find something suitable for you! ;-)):...

Stage comeback cancelled

Due to family reasons we had to cancel our stage comeback at the „Nightspirits Of Madness“ next friday. We are very sorry about this and hope that we can be back on stage soon!