In 2009 IMPERIOUS was given birth by main composer Sertorius, who started the band originally as a solo project, in which he wanted to fullfill his intention to create music out of historical and/or poetic sources. After he finished the songwriting for the first album, he searched for musicians to record it. During that process he decided to look for band members, not only for helping hands, because he wanted to bring his music to the stage also.

In Kalmesh (git), Iluaar (Git) and Linchre (Drums), who had known themselves through other projects already, he found a well matching team. Sertorius took the bass and vocal position.

Together they shaped the songs by bringing in individual influences, rearranged and finally recorded them.
The first album “Varus” was released in April 2009 through Twilight Distribution worldwide.

Underground club shows, gigs at established festivals like “Ragnarök Festival” and “Walpurgis Metal Days”, motivating album and live reviews followed, but IMPERIOUS couldn’t manage it to get any further than that due to reasons of time and individual personal circumstances. Furthermore their label and distributor had to give up their business, so the band stood there empty-handed.
They did some regional shows yet, however they couldn’t tie in with the first successes.

But that was not the end.
Perhaps IMPERIOUS was wounded, but not dead.

After they removed all barriers and problems which stood in their way, IMPERIOUS started with regained powers and passion a challenging new project: Translating Homer’s Odyssey into a musical concept.

3 years of songwriting, recording and also line-up changes (drummer Linchre left the band due to creative reasons) went by, in which the band reached a new level of motivation, creativity and effectivity.

Forged by Markus Stock (The Vision Bleak, Empyrium) at the famous Klangschmiede Studio E, IMPERIOUS‘ new masterpiece now comprises 2 full-length albums telling the story of Odysseus and his epic journey from the conquered shores of Ilion to his beloveth homeland Ithaca.
The first part of their musical creation called “Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus – Part I: From Ilion To Hades” was released in May 2015. The second part “Tales Of Woe – The Journey Of Odysseus – Part II: From Hades To Ithaca” followed 1 year later.

In 2017 IMPERIOUS signed with the german cult label MASSACRE RECORDS & SOULFOOD DISTRIBUTION to release the „Tales Of Woe“ worldwide.